Have you ever hopped in a canoe by yourself,  with little more than a life jacket for protection, and paddled your way across a peaceful lake, taking in the sights, pausing to rest your muscles now and then?   It can be very relaxing; a refreshing way to clear the cobwebs and get some fresh air.  When the weather is right, it’s smooth sailing!

Some bodies of water cannot be approached that way, though.  How different is that scenario from the challenge of navigating the rushing swell of a fast-moving river… white-water rafting?  The prospect is exhilarating, adrenaline-inducing, thrilling.  You know the danger, but you do it anyway because it’s well worth it to feel the satisfaction of the accomplishment.


Whether you are experiencing the housing market as a seasoned pro, seller, investor,  or first-time buyer, the super-heated real estate trading frenzy that we are seeing in Southern Ontario can be as overwhelming as a raging river.  Buyers have just enough time to be advised of a property that has been listed before they are informed that there are already several offers on it.  Sellers find themselves in the unusual position of sifting through multiple offers, with the luxury of choosing the one that suits them best.

While all of this is going on, there is some discussion about the value of having a realtor represent you on one side or the other of the negotiating table.  Do you really need a sales representative when ‘everything is selling?’

Well, would you choose to go white-water rafting without an experienced guide? Someone who knows where the jagged rocks are along your route, whose skill with the paddles exceeds that of the other boaters, and who has the confidence to ensure the journey comes to a safe end?

Realtors are working harder than ever to ensure that their clients are protected,  even as they find themselves having to navigate the market without  the traditional safety nets, in some cases.  In order to avoid losing out on a property they really love, many buyers are making their first offer unconditional, binding themselves to its terms without the benefit of a finance or inspection condition.  According to standard industry wisdom, this is not the best course of action.  However, what are people to do if the alternative is to be beaten out of every multiple offer situation, resulting in the loss of every potential buy?

Your realtor is a solid, dependable, skillful resource to assist you during the high stakes negotiations that are required at a time like this.  She knows where the “jagged rocks” are along the way, and has the experience to help you avoid them.  She is not only ethically and morally bound, but also legally required to protect your best interests.  Much of her training  revolves around providing the highest level of customer service, confidentiality, and guidance to you, the valued client.

Understanding the process is crucial when it moves so quickly.  A real estate sales representative can help you to figure out whether CMHC, bank appraisers, insurance companies, or others will have a say in how much you will be allowed to borrow toward your purchase.  He will direct you to qualified industry professionals who can provide the services you need in a timely manner to make your offer the most attractive one to a seller, while ensuring that your own needs and limitations are taken into consideration.

If you are a seller receiving multiple offers, having representation can protect you from accepting an offer with “holes” that could sabotage the deal at a critically late stage.  It can also keep you on the right side of the law regarding such matters as required disclosure, and prevent you from being forced to deal with unnecessary lawsuits or incomplete transactions by doing due diligence based on training and experience.

The odds of “safe passage” to the other side of a successful real estate transaction in a very hot market are substantially  increased with the help of an experienced guide.  The satisfaction of completing the journey and reaching your real estate goals are well within reach!

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