Winter weariness had set in early this year with the frigid temperatures we had before the season even officially started, so I was beyond excited to see that Remax had released the Top 15 Decor Trends for 2017 already.  If that is not a sure sign of impending spring, then I don’t know what is!

Spring is a season for renewal, and for updating old, tired spaces.  It need not cost a lot of money, but spring awakens a desire in us for change and a need to revive, rejuvenate, and refresh.

Once the weather warms up enough to open windows and doors again, big box stores become full of do-it-yourselfers who are ready to take on projects, big and small, around the house.  If 2017 is your year to re-decorate, and you expect to find yourself shopping for ideas along with your supplies, here is a list of some of the top trends you can expect to see in home decor:



Although natural wood never truly goes “out” of style, this year’s focus is going to be on a weathered, well-worn look.  “Sleek” is not a word that will be trending in 2017, as the inclination will be toward the warmth of vintage or reclaimed boards.  Shiplap statement walls, homemade headboards,  and butcher block countertops are examples of accents that will prove to be popular.  [Wikipedia explains that “Shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly as exterior siding in the construction of residences, barns, sheds, and outbuildings. It is either rough-sawn 1″ or milled 3/4″ pine or similarly inexpensive wood between 3″ and 10″ wide with a 3/8″ – 1/2″ rabbet on opposite sides of each end.”]  DIY’ers will love this trend, as it allows for personal creativity with raw materials in a way that more polished styles don’t always do.


In case you have never heard of Pantone Inc., they are an entity that dictates colour trends to fashion designers, home decorators, and other industries.  Since 2000, they have held annual meetings in secret European locations to choose a Colour of the Year.   Colour experts from different countries choose a colour that they feel matches the international cultural climate.  (If you doubt the significance of their selection, be aware that the likes of Gucci, Kors, and others are already featuring the colour in this year’s fashion shows.)

For 2017, the Colour of the Year is Greenery.  According to “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself!  Expect to see green accent walls among other creative uses of this vibrant hue.


It seems that an appropriate extension of the natural feel of the Colour of the Year is the touch of whimsy that is added by butterflies.  Everything from actual mounted butterflies to delicate motifs within wallpaper and textile designs will be present as decorative accents.


As practical as it is aesthetically appealing, open shelving in the kitchen creates a professional feel.  Stored items are easily accessible, and prized possessions can be showcased right in the heart of your home. (Open shelves also offer added incentive to keep kitchen gadgets organized, unlike closed cupboards that allow disorder to be hidden behind a solid panel.  You be the judge of whether that is a good or a bad thing in your kitchen!)


There is no denying that lofts are trendy.  They have been cool for a while now.  Realistically, though, most of us will never live in a true loft.

Homeowners are selecting their favourite design elements from the industrial feel of the renovated old factories in the city core, and adapting them to suburban living.  Factory windows allow light to pour in, and create a warm, bright space while providing a vintage aesthetic.  Win-win-win.


This trend, carried over from last year, will see high quality wallpaper used as an alternative to tile or other washable materials in backsplashes, behind open shelving, and even behind glass for that added wow factor.  Since it is used as an accent, bold prints and busy patterns will provide visual appeal at a fraction of the cost of other types of finishes.


This natural stone is creeping out of the kitchen and into other parts of the house to provide stunning visual interest in new locations as well.  Expect to find it as an alternative to the traditional brick-faced fireplace and other corners besides floor tiles and countertops.


Bold and dramatic dark cabinetry will be accented with gold or copper hardware to showcase a glamorous space.  If all black or navy seems a bit much, you can still have a more conservative, traditional white kitchen and add a dark island to update the space and add that pop of colour.


Velvet was the material of 2016 in the fashion world, and the realm of home has become wise to the cause, with luxurious velvet pillows, couches and curtains adding texture and depth to homes. This material suits winter and early spring particularly well, but plan to rotate velvet accessories with the seasons to lighten up rooms for later spring and summer.


A little bit of black can go a long way to ground and update an all-white room. Try installing black pulls on light cabinets, or a structural black faucet in a white bathroom. This trend is an easy fix for an outdated white space.


2017 will be the year of the Smart Home. The most discerning buyers will be looking for homes with fully integrated technology, from App-controlled heating and cooling, to fridges that can email you their contents when you’re in the middle of the grocery store, wishing you’d made a list!  These houses make you feel like you have your very own support staff.


To contrast against bare white walls and rich dark wood, intricate displays of tile are becoming a popular way to share a homeowner’s artistic side.  Mosaics and other tile designs provide a focal point in otherwise neutral spaces.


Expect to see unique integrations between tiled floors and hardwood.  There are no rules about straight lines between different flooring materials. Whether bridging the border between rooms or designating spaces in an open concept home, ornate tile designs are pushing the boundaries for floor pattern design in 2017.


Cork is a gorgeous material whose time has come in the design world, but the coolest use of cork (in our opinion)  is in the home office. A floor-to-ceiling cork wall can act as a family’s command centre, with permission slips, artwork and every essential scrap tacked on for safe keeping.


With more and more Canadians choosing smaller living spaces, this will be the year we embrace the “less is more” mentality, and create spaces that can unfold and hide away as we need them. Think murphy beds that create “guest rooms,”  tables and chairs that fold away into one another like nesting dolls, and kitchens that seamlessly blend into one long wall.


It must be said that, although fresh ideas like these can be exciting, inspiring, and appealing, it is important to stay true to your own personal sense of style when decorating.  Don’t try to incorporate every design tip and every current trend into your home, or it won’t feel like your own space.  Use what enhances your own creativity, and keep your goals in sharp focus.  If you are decorating with a view to living in and loving your space for many years, take the time to make it as personal and authentically YOU as you can.  If you plan to sell in the next couple of years, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your projects, but use a little more restraint and stick to more neutral updates that will help you create more universal appeal when the time comes.