There is no denying that kids are often natural negotiators. They will wheel and deal on what really matters to them: What time they have to go to bed, how long they can watch TV, how many bites of vegetables they have to eat before they qualify for dessert, what chores lead to extra allowance money…the list goes on.

As exhausting as it can be for busy Moms and Dads to deal with, it’s crucial that kids learn the art of discussion and the grace of compromise if they are to be productive adults. Most days, they are eager to practice this life skill on their parents. And actually, from their perspective, the more exhausted you are, the more likely they are to win the concessions they are seeking!

It goes without saying that selling your home can be a physically and emotionally tiring experience. Between preparing the place, cleaning up, and having to leave for showings, among other things, many parents have little energy left to deal with being questioned or challenged by the little ones mid-process.

Being a very family-oriented team, we have created an experience for young children that we invite you to take us up on. Using an “official” Remax contract, we will sit and negotiate directly with the youngest members in the household. The terms of the “contract” require that they cooperate with keeping their rooms tidy, make their beds, wipe their feet at the entrance, and generally keep the place ready for showings. Upon fulfillment of their end of the bargain, they receive a gift card of their choice.

It is our hope that this process will accomplish several things: To make the little ones feel like part of the experience, especially if they are nervous about moving; to relieve parents of a little stress by creating some accountability; and to add a little fun to a very serious transaction. We are happy to take a weekly phone call from the kids if they would like to hear what’s going on with the sale.

If you know that your children would enjoy having their own contract, please let us know. We would love to work with them!